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The Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling aims at fostering excellence in Applied Mathematics at the University of Maryland. CSCAMM encourages the cross-fertilization of techniques and insights introduced at the crossroad of Scientific computing, Modeling and their applications in the Physical and Biological Sciences and Engineering. To help build a thriving community of Applied Mathematicians, CSCAMM supports interdisciplinary research through a strong visitors program, the regular organization of international events (workshops and conferences), and contributes to graduate education in partnership with the AMSC program.

Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin


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Ki-Net/CSCAMM Conference - Formation of small scales in nonlinear PDEs
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KI-Net Workshop: Mathematical Aspects of Collective Dynamics: Kinetic Description and Fractional Diffusion
Mar. 5–6
KI-Net: Young Researchers Workshop: Kinetic descriptions in theory and applications
Oct. 22–26


Past Seminars

Prof. Xiaodong Yan
University of Connecticut
Prof. Dehua Wang
University of Pittsburgh
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University of Minnesota


Recent Publications

Roman Shvydkoy and Eitan Tadmor
Eulerian dynamics with a commutator forcing
Radu Balan, Matt Begue, Chae Clark, and Kasso A. Okoudjou
Optimization methods for frame conditioning and application to graph Laplacian scaling
Radu Balan and Dongmian Zou
On Lipschitz Analysis and Lipschitz Synthesis for the Phase Retrieval Problem
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